These Poomse DVDs have helped thousands of Taekwondo students of all ages and levels have shown great improvements in their forms. The DVD will become very useful when it comes time for Taekwondo testing. There are two DVDs: white belt to black belt and 1st degree black belt to 9th degree black belt. Each form is performed twice, once at a normal pacewith special effects, once more at a slower pacewithout special effects. The DVDs are fully indexed, allowing you to go directly to any form you would like to practice. All forms, Palgwe, Tae Geuk and the black belt forms are performed by a Kukkiwon certified black belt. These are great DVDs to keep as a reference of all the forms in WTF Tae Kwon Do. The feedback regarding these DVDs should be enough to convince you that they are very helpful and come with great quality. And best of all, they are sold at a reasonable price and compiled into one DVD instead of breaking them up to beginners, intermediate and advanced DVDs.

Technical Specifications:
NTSC and best of all, this DVD is ALL Region

Why get the Poomses on DVD?

  • Perfect Image and Sound quality.
  • DVDs last much much longer than video tapes.
  • Even if you watch the DVD a hundred times, it’s
    gonna be the same quality.
  • You don’t have to rewind DVDs after you watch them.
  • You can directly click on any of the poomses without
    fast forwarding through the whole tape.
  • Small and easy to store.
  • A well-taken cared of DVD can last about 100 years.

About Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is a series of body movements strictly
based on the concept of unarmed self-defense, and means
´the art of kicking and punching.´ This
class is designed to improve not only physical strength
but also discipline and focused thinking needed to gain
self-confidence and composure necessary for a successful
defense. Students are encouraged to train to their full
potential in accordance with the seven tenets of TKD:
Honor, Courtesy, Loyalty, Integrity, Perseverance, Self
Control and the Indomitable Spirit.

About Poomse

Poomse is the Korean word for forms. Generally, schools teach the Palgwe and/or Taegeuk sets. The term “poomse” is the Korean term for form


The term Palgwe is loosely translated as Eight Powers of the Universe, and these eight Palgwe poomse are based on these conceptual powers of Heaven, Mind, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, and Earth. According to K. M. Lee (Tae Kwon Do: Techniques & Training, 1996), “The idea of Palgwe embraces different symbols and includes all opposing concepts and images. They grow through the process of constant change…in an endless state of development. These forms are meant to give the student an understanding of the basic principles of [Taekwondo], which are characterized by contrast-change and coming together, conflict and harmony-thereby corresponding to the idea of Palgwe.”


Taegeuk, when loosely translated, means Great Eternity or Eternal Greatness. The idealism of Taegeuk, which every student should learn are: pacifism, unity, creative spirit, future spirit, and eternity. The Taegeuk has the same symbolism as the Palgwe. J. R. Kim (Taekwondo: Basic Techniques Taegeuk Poomse) says the “Taegeuk Poomse integrates the methods of attack, defense, forward movement and retreat, control of the speed of movements, and the intensity of the actions. The directions and lines of movement are represented by the eight symbols of ‘Palgwe.’ The overall purpose of Poomse is to control the breathing to be synchronized while executing techniques requiring great speed.

Poomse Symbol Description
Il-Yang Il Yang Il-Yang represents the KEON, which is symbolized by the heavens and light. This form represents the source of creation by presenting the most basic techniques. It, therefore, is the foundation from which the other forms build.
Yi-Yang Yi Yang Yi-Yang represents the TAE, which symbolizes strength of the mind. This represents a frame of mind which is serene and gentle, yet firm within the state from which true virtue smiles. This form consists of movements that are made softly yet firmly with control.
Sam-Yang Sam Yang Sam-Yang represents the RI, Ri represents the characteristics of sun, fire, and light, light warmth, enthusiasm, and hope. Like fire, this form is filled with changing burst of power connected with a continuous flow of motion.
Sah-Yang Sah Yang Sa-Yang represents the JIN. Thunder, combined with lightning, evokes fear and trembling but reminds us that danger, like a thunderstorm, passes as suddenly as it comes, leaving blue sky, sunshine, and rain freshened air in its wake. It teaches to act calmly and bravely in the face of loud and terrifying dangers, real or imagined, knowing that they, too, shall pass.
Oh-Yang Oh Yang Oh-Yang represents the SEON which is Wind. Although there are horrible and destructive winds, such as the typhoon, hurricane, and tornado, the wind’s true nature is gentle but penetrating. The wind teaches humility and good-natured actions. Like a gentle breeze, this form is simple. Yet like a storm, it is strong and powerful.
Yook-Yang Yook Yang Yook-Yang represents the GAM. Water always flows downward and, in time, can wear away the hardest granite. We learn that we can overcome every difficulty if we go forward with self-confidence and persistence. Like water, this form is gentle yet destructive. It teaches that man, when faced with a challenge, can overcome it by persistence and unwavering belief.
Chil-Yang Chil Yang Chil-Yang represents the GAN. A Mountain is stable and cannot be moved. This form teaches us to move only when it is necessary to move – and then move rapidly – and stop suddenly and solidly, standing like a rock. It teaches commitment to notion and to immobility, for one must not wavier.
Pal-Yang Pal Yang Pal-Yang represents the GON. The earth is receptive, gentle and nurturing. It signifies the infinite concentration of UM energy (UM is a passive, receptive force). The earth hugs and grows everything. It nurtures in silence and in strength. It teaches us the importance of the life force within ourselves and to respect life in all of its forms.

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